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The bylaws of International Society of Environmental Indicators (formerly International Society of Environmental Bioindicators) were adopted by the membership in May 2008 and amended by the Council in March 2023.


The membership of the Society shall consist of regular members, student members, retired/emeritus members, life members, and fellow members. Persons who research, teach, study, develop, engage and have interest in environmental indicators may apply for individual memberships and become active members with the payment of membership dues.


  1. The elected officers of the Society shall include a President, three Vice Presidents, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and two council members. These eight officers and the immediate Past Presidentform the nine-member Council of the Society.
  2. Each officer will be elected to a two-year term, and can be re-elected for a second term in the same position. However, that person must step down from the current position for at least two years before being re-elected for the same position, a third time.
  3. Three Vice Presidents will be elected, having one for each of the following three regions: The Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Europe-Africa.
  4. The immediate Past President will become a council member automatically for one term. Without an immediate Past President in the council, the total number of the elected council members will increase from two to three in order to maintain the council with nine members.


  1. All officers shall be nominated by the Nominating and Election Committee and elected by the members by electronic ballot prior to the society conference.
  2. The Vice Presidents for the Asia-Pacific and Europe-Africa regions will be elected by the members from the same region. The Vice President for the Americas region will be elected by all members.
  3. All members who have paid their membership dues for the current or past calendar year are eligible to be nominated for the officer positions, and are eligible to vote.

Standing Committees

The Society shall have the following standing committees. The Chairs of these committees will be appointed by the President.

  1. Membership committee
  2. Nominating and election committee
  3. Current-year annual conference organizing committee
  4. Following-year annual conference organizing committee, and
  5. Fundraising committee.


  1. President: The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Society. The President shall be responsible for overseeing the Society’s policies and programs, including the election. The President also shall appoint the Chairs of the standing committees. The President will give a report at the Members Business Meeting during the societyc
  2. Vice Presidents: The Vice President shall assist the President as needed, but with a primary focus on their regions. The major responsibility of the Vice President includes, but is not limited to, recruiting new members, organizing regional activities, assisting the annual conference in the residing region. The Vice Presidents shall report directly to the President.
  3. Americas Vice President: In case of the inability of the President to be present or to perform the duties, the Americas Vice President shall assume the duties of the President. The Americas Vice President is responsible for managing the Society’s web site.
  4. Secretary: The Secretary shall be custodian of the records of the society, conduct the correspondence of the Society as directed by the President. The Secretary shall be responsible for taking minutes at all Society and Council meetings. Minutes shall be distributed to all attendees for their revisions or approvals, and kept as permanent records. The Secretary shall report to the President.
  5. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall deal with all monetary issues of the Society and maintain accurate records thereof, and disbursements made on vouchers signed by the President and the person responsible for incurring the expenditure. The Treasurer shall present a financial report to the Council or at the Members Business Meeting during the society conference. The Treasurer shall report to the President for business issues.
  6. Council Members: Assist the President with work on specific projects or serve on a standing committee as Chair. The council members should reflect the needs or interests of members from their residing areas and make recommendations to the President.
  7. Immediate Past President as a Council Member: Assist the new President and the council as the information source of the Society, and provide a “consulting service” to the Society.
  8. Chairs of Standing Committees: Compose their individual committee and conduct respective business. Each standing committee will keep its own minutes by a committee member appointed by the Chair of that committee. The Chairs of the standing committees shall report to the President.
  9. The Chairs of the nomination and election committees are responsible for organizing the new election at least three months prior to the term expiration date.
  10. The Chairs of the current and the following Conference Organizing Committees shall be chosen from the region where the conference will be held. They are responsible for selecting their committee members, and organizing the Society Conference at the respective venues. The Chairs must work with the President and the Council to develop the Scientific Program of the Society The Chairs are also responsible for conference advertisement, facilitating abstract submission, registration, and local business arrangements.
  11. The Chair of the following Conference Organizing Committee will need to arrange for the selected conference host to sign an agreement with the President of the Society for hosting the following Society Conference at least two years ahead of time. The Chair shall assist the Host (if different from the chair) and report their progress and the conference budget to the President at least one year in advance of the conference date.
  12. The whole council meeting will be held during the society conference or can be called by the President as needed outside of the conference via on-line meeting.
  13. A quorum to vote on issues at Council meetings will consist of five Council members.

ISEI Fellow Award Guidelines

Fellow is the highest recognition bestowed by the International Society of Environmental Indicators. Members of the Society nominate worthy colleagues based on their professional accomplishment in environmental indicators and services to the Society. The recipient of a Fellowship Award will be named as “Fellow of the International Society of Environmental Indicators”. The award shall be announced at the Conference of the ISEI, and the recipient will receive a suitably inscribed plaque.


  1. Nominators are required to be ISEI members.
  2. Each nominator can only nominate one person in a given award cycle.
  3. Members of the ISEI Awards Committee shall not serve as a nominator for the fellow award.


  1. Nominees must be members of ISEI for at least five years.
  2. Members of the ISEI Awards Committee are not eligible to be nominated for the Fellow award in the given award cycle.
  3. The nominee must have a distinguished record of contributions in areas of specialization whether in research, teaching, extension, or service.
  4. Approval of the Fellow Award shall be a unanimous decision by the Awards Committee.

Application Procedure:

  1. Each nomination must include the following documents:
    • Nominee’s updated CV, including a list of publications
    • Two letters of nomination stating the nominee’s professional achievement in research, teaching, and/or service in relation to environmental indicators.
    • Two letters of support provided by peers.
  2. The nomination needs to be submitted electronically to Chair of the Award Committee.
  3. The Award Committee makes its final recommendation to President for the final approval by the council.
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